Your First Appointment

At your first visit to Dental Arts, all areas of your mouth will be thoroughly examined.  This process will include a detailed examination of your teeth, gums, supporting structures, alignment, bite and appearance.  The integrity of any existing fillings you may have will be assessed, and an oral cancer screening will be performed.  A complete set of digital dental x-rays will be taken.  Together, this information will help to determine the overall state of your dental health.  If no serious dental problems or gum disease is present, you will proceed to your hygiene (cleaning) appointment.

Your dental hygienist will thoroughly remove all traces of tartar and calcified plaque.  This is done either with instruments called “scalers”, or an ultrasonic tool called a “Cavitron”.  Sometimes a combination of both techniques is used.  Then the hygienist will polish your teeth with a low-abrasion paste to keep the surface smooth and less resistant to build-up.  In some instances she will apply fluoride to strengthen enamel.  Based on your exam, your hygienist will tailor your treatment and frequency of visits to best suit your specific needs.  Maintaining ideal oral hygiene is the best way to prevent decay and bone loss in your dentition over your lifetime.  Many high-profile studies have emerged in recent years that point to a potential link between periodontal (gum) disease and cardiovascular disease.  Our hygienists are licensed professionals, dedicated to preserving and maintaining your oral health, as well as educating you so that you can develop excellent home-care habits.  Regular hygiene visits and good home-care habits are the most important routines you can employ to gain maximum longevity from your natural dentition.  We consider the preventive dental hygiene appointment to be one of the most valuable services we offer to our patients.

Following your preventive hygiene appointment, your dentist will explain your dental evaluation and plan any treatment that may be necessary.  Immediate needs as well as long-term objectives will be based on the goal of protecting, restoring and preserving your teeth throughout your life.  Our use of high-definition intra-oral cameras can allow you to see your teeth up close on a computer monitor.  We find the use of these cameras to be of huge assistance in illustrating to patients the needs or problems associated with a tooth.  Taking before-and-after – treatment photos of a tooth can be very satisfying for patients as well.  This treatment-plan appointment is a perfect opportunity to discuss your concerns with the dentist, educate yourself on the procedures, and get answers to any questions you may have.